Tennis Plus Experiences

Our destinations are essentially more than just tennis venues. We automatically build in a rest day from tennis to all our weeks, and there is already a great range of relaxing or more strenuous activities to choose at this vibrant resort.

Whether its Croatia, Monaco, the French Riviera, or Mauritius!!

Our ethos is to select 5 star locations and add special features to make our clients enjoy the very best holiday experiences. We have therefore packaged 4 special options that you can build in to your holiday.

For example, in Croatia¬†we have offered “Gourmet Tennis & Venice” which includes the opportunity to take a hydrofoil or train to Venice for the day- possibly a rest day from tennis training. First4Tennis are also able to offer three other special experiences- the Tennis Spa & Pamper, and the Tennis Golf Combo, and for those of you who really want to enjoy the best gastronomic experience that the region of Istria offers, the

Designed for your tennis rest day, you can therefore choose from the following:

  • Tennis & Venice
  • Tennis Spa and Pamper
  • Tennis Golf Combo
  • Tennis Gourmet, Truffle, and Wine Tasting Special